CBD infused edibles are a great option for consumers to experience a wide range of CBD benefits.  They are convenient to take and easy to manage for dosing, with the added bonus of being delicious!

GNS sources and manufacturers edibles with only the highest-quality  ingredients, with transparent labels consumers can trust.  Our edibles are also the best-tasting on the market, proven to drive repeat purchases and satisfied customers.

Fill Your Shelves Fast with Edibles

Gummies and chocolates are customer favorites; meet the demand with products that can be on your shelves with short turnaround.  Ideal for gift giving and point-of-purchase, GNS can help you see profits quickly with these very popular products.



Don’t settle for the same old gummies, in the same old flavors. GNS gummies are made for adults, with a gourmet taste and gourmet flavors. They are also vegan, organic and gluten free, ensuring you can meet the needs of any consumer, regardless of dietary restrictions.

Choose from 5 stock flavors or work with us for a custom flavor creation all your own. GNS gummies are available in multiple dosing strengths, and can be packed in quantities anywhere from a trial size pack of 3 to a month’s supply of 30. Natural and delicious – it doesn’t get any better than this!!

Standard Specifications

Size: 4gm cubed

Flavors: Strawberry, Wild Berry, Blue Raspberry, Orange Cream and Cotton Candy

Active: 10mg or 25mg of CBD Isolate

Packaging: Standard mylar sealed bag with 10pcs (100 or 250mg per bag)




Make a brand statement with unique and indulgent artisan chocolates that cater to a broad range of consumers. GNS offers classic chocolate bars, chocolate bark creations, rich truffles, caramels and so much more – all in dark, milk and a variety of unique flavor creations.

Chocolates make perfect gifts and are ideal to offer for special occasions; they are also ideal for point-of-sale purchase, upping your typical customer cart. These decadent treats won’t stay on your shelves for long!

Standard Specifications

Chocolate Bars

Size: 2.25 x 5 weighing 57gm (2 ounces)

Flavors: Sea salted dark or sea salted milk

Active: Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract or CBD Isolate (full spectrum below legal THC limit, upon request)

Strength: 100mg standard or as per customer request

Packaging: Clear cellophane with full color BOPP label