Tinctures are among the most popular and fastest selling CBD products on the market.  Easy to administer, with flexible dosing, CBD tinctures offer many benefits to the consumer, including alleviating stress & tension, reducing physical discomfort or pain and improving sleep, just to name a few.

With bulk tinctures from GNS, you’ll

Eliminate the hassle of ordering and stocking multiple ingredients

Eliminate managing multiple sources or suppliers.

Eliminate the need for highly trained technicians

Eliminate possible variations in your flavor profiles

Bulk Tinctures

Custom blends manufactured in state – no chemist required!

Looking for great flavor without the hassle? We have you covered with our base tincture formulations that are pre-formulated and custom-blended, ready for your active. We do almost all the work, sending you a complete formulation in two parts, along with specific instructions to heat, blend and bottle.

This is the perfect solution for a company who has limited formulations experience or is looking to ramp quickly.  Do you need to produce in multiple locations or states with different operations and regulations?  Bulk tinctures let you create and sell the same flavor in each location. Have product lines for adult use, medicinal and/or CBD? With bulk, you can give your customers the same flavor experience across them all.


Looking for a Bottled Tincture solution?

How Does it Work?

Assemble Your Ingredients
(GNS provides Part 1 and Part 2 in separate containers)

Part 1 Standard Formulation Ingredients:

Organic MCT Oil, Natural Flavors, Sunflower Lecithin and Natural Sweetener (Stevia)

Part 2 Standard Formulation Ingredients:

Organic MCT Oil

Part 3 Your Active:

THC or CBD Distillate or any other active ingredient as per standard formulation

Blend and Package
(GNS provides all the instructions)

Heat part 1 to specified temperature
Heat part 2 to specified temperature
Heat part 3 to specified temperature if required

Blend parts 2 and 3 for specified time

Blend part 1 with blended parts 2 and 3 for specified time

Fill bottles or store as per your internal procedure

Stock Your Shelves and Sell

You’ve got this one down!