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Sage Analytics

Real-time Potency Testing for Buds and Extracts – Save time, Save Money and Earn More Profit

Essentra Packaging

Protect your brand and image with the industry leader in security packaging solutions – Reduce or Eliminate Copying, Tampering and Theft

Essentra Vaping

Superior vaping solutions with patent protection – Your name + our product = a complete, turnkey vaping solution

Retail Pak

Make sure your packaging reflects the quality within – High-end Affordable Packaging = Brand Differentiation

Fontem Ventures

Protect your vaping technology, not just the design – Patent Protection = Peace of Mind

Real-time Potency Testing for Buds and Extracts

Save time, Save Money and Earn More Profit

Increase efficiencies and profitability for your company with Sage Analytics testing devices

Sage Analytics is the leader in field cannabis potency testing offering accurate, reliable, fast, and inexpensive testing solutions.

We utilize near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) technology, which has been a prominent fixture in laboratories for over 50 years. Extensively used in industrial and research applications, this powerful tool provides accurate medical and physiological diagnostics for pharmaceutical, food, and agrochemical quality control.

How our device works
Sage Analytics uses NIRS to measure the levels of THC and CBD in flower, and up to 40 different types of concentrates and extracts. Using light means that there are no chemicals needed for sample prep, resulting in a quicker and more accurate process.

Why it works

  • THC and CBD readings are generated within 10 seconds
  • Results are typically within a 0.5% variance with an accuracy allowance of 2%
  • Eliminates days or weeks of waiting for results
  • Eliminates additional expense each time you run a potency test

These factors result in a more efficient, cost-effective, and profitable business model.

Who benefits from Sage Analytics testing devices

Cultivators, extractors, edible makers, dispensaries, and testing labs all benefit by using this device to increase efficiencies and profitability of their operation.

Growers are able to constantly monitor and record how different farming techniques affect potency allowing them to:

  • Determine optimal harvest time
  • Monetize trim and potency levels within one plant more effectively
  • Standardize and curate the potency of various strains

Extractors & Infusion/Edible Makers can now monitor and modify extracts in real time which helps:

  • Purchase trim based on quality rather than quantity
  • Improve consistency with real time testing when creating finished goods
  • Test throughout the extraction process to ensure all THC and CBD has been removed from the plant matter
  • Reduce waste so you’re not throwing away profit!

Dispensaries will have knowledge at their fingertips and knowledge is power when you can:

  • Know exactly what is being purchased from suppliers
  • Ensure consistent quality and fair pricing
  • Provide real-time potency information to patients
  • Be more informed and confident when suggesting products to customers
  • Distinguish your dispensary as a market leader

Laboratories are now able to:

  • Measure in 3 days what previously required 3 weeks
  • Repurpose labor-intensive and expensive instruments for trace analyses
  • Reduce labor costs while increasing throughput

Please note that you do not need a trained scientist to operate the Sage Analytics devices. These devices are not intended to replace third-party testing from an accredited lab. Having said that, certified testing labs in California use the Sage Analytics device for potency testing because of its accuracy and ease of use.

Please contact us for a demo or to learn more about the Sage Analytics devices.

Make sure your packaging reflects the quality within

High-end Affordable Packaging = Brand Differentiation

For over 20 years, clients including Cohiba, Montecristo, Veuve Clicquot, and Johnnie Walker have turned to Retail Pak to affordably design and manufacture high-end, luxury packaging.

Eye candy is important

New companies and brands are entering the cannabis market every day, and competition is only going to increase.

Naturally, the quality of the product inside is important, but packaging creates the first impression a consumer has of your brand. Retail Pak’s high-end, yet affordable packaging will draw the consumer’s eye and create positive company perception. The cannabis market is evolving and the ability to brand and differentiate your product from the competition is critical to the success of your operation.

The process

Retail Pak’s ability to combine vision, creativity, and function in design begins with learning the goals and objectives of our client. Whether it is a design on napkin or a digital file, our designers will create renderings and physical prototypes, so there are not surprises once the final product arrives.

Retail Pak owns the factories in China, and never subs out manufacturing. Hands-on managers from Europe and the US are at the factories for every step of the process so no detail is overlooked, ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Please contact us for a quote for a packaging solution that will showcase your brand and help you stand out in a crowded market.

Protect your brand and image with the industry leader in security packaging solutions

Reduce or Eliminate Copying, Tampering and Theft

As the cannabis industry matures and becomes more profitable, the industry will need to address issues which plague other thriving markets. Well-known companies are already experiencing imposters copying their brands and products, and dispensaries are dealing with package tampering and theft.

Head off intellectual property theft by employing Essentra’s security solutions already utilized by major brands around the world.

By adapting proprietary technology developed by their engineers which was created to manufacture passports, Essentra created a line of ‘overt’ and ‘covert’ security packaging features.

Overt security features including customized holographic stickers and tear tapes reveal any package tampering or manipulation to the naked eye.

Covert security options such as watermarks, micro text, and threads help prevent counterfeiting of products, and are detected with the aid of a UV light or magnifying glass.

The Essentra security features are necessary components for any company who is looking to protect its products, brand, and image for the long run in the cannabis industry.

Superior vaping solutions also come with patent protection

Your name + our product = a complete, turnkey vaping solution

The proprietary design of their “best in class” disposable vaping pen and refillable cartridge results in a more efficient product with superior liquid release and consistency. Built without chemical binders, you only taste what you put in the pen.

Your name + our product = a complete, turnkey vaping solution

Essentra’s internal design team can create artwork for your product and packaging. Best of all, Essentra’s vaping products are covered with Fontem patent protection.

Currently, over 95% of all vaping products are infringing on domestic and international patents which have been successfully enforced worldwide. By using Essentra’s vaping products with your brand, you can rest assured that you will be protected and not become one of the many companies that have been sued or put out of business because they infringed on patents.

Patent protection

Protect your vaping technology, not just the design

If you already have vaping devices and would like to obtain patent protection, we can help. Through a partnership with Fontem Ventures, we can grant patent protection on the various technologies inside the vaping device.

Fontem already holds roughly 200 international patents on various vaping technologies and our agreement allows us to grant protection to the Fontem patents through a royalty-based agreement. If you hold design patents on your vaping devices, these will not protect you against infringement of the technology inside the device. Patent law allows for the patent holder to seek retribution from the time of the initial patent infringement, not at time of litigation. These patents have successfully been enforced against the largest players in the vaping industry. Protect your company and products from future litigation by obtaining Fontem Ventures patent protection.

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