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Retail Packaging

Capture more customers and elevate your brand with custom, high-end Retail Packaging, affordable and recyclable


Turnkey CBD Solutions

Increase revenue and grow your business with Turnkey CBD Solutions from pens to gummies to gourmet chocolates – and more


Water Technology

Leverage cutting-edge Water Technology to increase crop yield and reduce both water and nutrient usage


Expert Consulting

Build your cannabis business with Expert Consulting advice; executive strategy, manufacturing scale, sales/agents



You invest a lot in your products; let GNS help you make them stand out on the shelf.  The right retail packaging will attract and capture more customers, increasing your sales. If you want a luxurious, high-end presentation, or a special occasion gift pack, our team will create custom packages that elevate your brand.  Or if you’re looking for a more basic packaging approach, our team can help with that, too. 

GNS represents Retail Pak (RP), a packaging leader who knows how to create a customer experience.  Big brands like Cohiba, Montecristo, Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker, among other cigar, alcohol and cosmetics brands, turn to Retail Pak for their custom needs.  Cannabis companies like Canndescent have seen the benefits, investing in a customer experience in increase price point and sell through.

Each client is unique, so each package is unique, based around function and aesthetics. We use cardboard/paper-based packaging from recycled materials, so you can feel good about the environment, and low MOQ’s and affordable pricing keep custom within reach.


Turnkey CBD Solutions

Want to add to your current product line? Need something new for your brand? Looking to launch into CBD but don’t know how to start?  GNS knows CBD product manufacturing inside and out.  We test multiple products in each category, sourcing only the best, from trusted suppliers.  Our team will work hand in hand with your team, consulting on the right products for your company, keeping in mind your size, your brand and your goals.  From initial concept through product development and testing through production and fulfillment – use GNS how you need us!

Some of our products include:

  • Vape pens in all shapes and sizes; mini and disposable or sleek and stylish, we have the right pen for your target audience
  • Gummies, the #3 food search term on Google in 2018; fresh flavors, unique molds, custom packaging
  • Beverages to quench any thirst
  • Gourmet chocolates – organic and artisan, single piece or luxury gift packs


Water Technology

Everyone wins when crop yields are higher, especially when water and nutrients are conserved at the same.  GNS is partnering with Aqutonix to bring cutting-edge water technology to cannabis growers, with a proven, cost-effective and chemical-free solution.

 By increasing water and nutrient absorption, plants have less water stress in early stage growth and have a higher photosynthetic rate or efficiency, which allows plants to grow larger and stronger.  Aqutonix is a sustainable water treatment device.  The unit can be installed seamlessly to any existing water tank or irrigation system and is small enough to be easily moved different areas of an operation in one day. It is a safe and economical method of improving the efficiency of your irrigated water, resulting in an increase in germination, growth, and yield, therefore increasing your income.

Talk to a GNS expert to learn more about the proven use in cannabis crops.

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